The Spirit of October

The Spirit of October

What is it about the month of October that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside? Is it the cool breeze that gently ruffles my hair? The fuzzy sweaters that are perfect for snuggling? Or the leaves that transform into a kaleidoscope of colors?

Well it’s certainly none of the above. Why? Because Texas is still hot as heck, and the leaves always seem to rudely ignore miss the changing colors memo. But it’s not all bad here in the Lone Star State. At least we still have pumpkins. That’s important. I honestly can’t think of anything that tops pumpkins in a month practically dedicated to these giant, orange fruits. (Yes, pumpkins are fruit.)

I’ve been excited for October since September 1st. Well technically I’ve been excited since November 1st of 2015. It wasn’t until last month however when my excitement finally overflowed that I embellished my house with both fall and Halloween decorations. Yes, I am that person who decorates for a holiday at least one month in advances, and yes, my enthusiasm is just that fanatical. Furthermore, I can guarantee my Christmas tree will be lit and adorned on the first of November.

But in all seriousness, thinking about October gets me all giddy and bubbly. It feels like I’m greeting a dear friend I only see once a year. Even though I don’t experience cold weather or colorful leaves and wearing a sweater in Texas is basically begging for heatstroke, just knowing it’s October is enough for me. The spirit of October is enough.

Because when I think about October, I think about comfort and earth and purity, and when combined with the cinnamon-and-spice scented candles in my kitchen and the pumpkins at my front door, it’s the perfect combination of the intangible and the tangible that produces the rush of happiness in my veins I’m practically addicted to this time of year.

On a side note, I believe it’s worth mentioning I’m listening to Christmas music while writing in a room filled with Halloween decorations about my love for October.

3 thoughts on “The Spirit of October

  1. I love your spirit of’s so like me. L.ove the seasonal things. Food decorations you name it. I get the warm weather too. Lol. Keep up the great work your pictures are super too luvhugs aj

  2. I love the fall also- the changing colors of trees, the coolness in the air- wearing jeans and sweaters and fall jackets. I love fall boots too-not warm winter type of boots, cute fall ones. I loved this piece on the Spirit of October. You are a great writer, who writes with such enthusiasm and excitement! You make the reader anxious to read more! Love your blog!
    Janet Conlon

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