A Little, Black, Button-Eyed Cat

A Little, Black, Button-Eyed Cat

On one fateful day (October 15, 2016 to be exact), I purchased from a local craft fair a unique object that I still continue to obsess over 10 days later: a little, black, button-eyed cat.

My mom and I attend the Pick-A-Dilly craft fair every single year, and it’s a wonderful experience every single time. In all honesty, it’s a real struggle to not just throw my money at every single booth and buy every single thing I see because it’s all so good. But I have to spend my money wisely or else I’ll be broke. I don’t want to be broke.

To protect my bank account, my strategy for craft fairs is this: I compare them to a treasure chest. The majority of jewels in the chest are mesmerizing, but you have to really dig to discover that priceless jewel. It just so happened this time around, I discovered my priceless jewel within the first five minutes.

As someone who appreciates the weird and the quirky, I always search for objects that other people may not find attractive. This little, black, button-eyed cat definitely fits the bill for weird and quirky. I knew I just had to have it the moment I laid eyes on it. Do you ever see something, and you know that it’s meant to be? This was clearly meant to be.

This unique object is the perfect combination of creepy and cute and odd with it’s crooked ears and button eyes. Those buttons are what initially drew me in, adding the perfect touch of eeriness to an otherwise mostly average cat. Not only are the buttons genius, the fabric is as well, expertly manipulated to feel stiff and appear intentionally dirty. It reminds me of what a well-loved, stuffed toy might have looked like during the 1800s. And we all know that toys from the 1800s are haunted. Haunted toys are my favorite kinds of toys.

But what I truly love about this stuffed cat is the fact that it is a handmade, one-of-a-kind item. It was stitched with love (or ill intent if we’re going with the haunted toy story), and when I look at it, its personality shines through. It’s an odd, quirky, little cat that, if you let your imagination run wild, might just have some sinister motives.

In other words, it’s purrfect.

For only $8.50, this is by far my favorite craft fair purchase of all time. Of course, I also bought seven other adorable items from this same booth. Clearly my treasure chest strategy didn’t last long. Finally, to give credit where its most certainly due, Zoya Rausch of “One of a Kind by Zoya” created this little, black, button-eyed cat as well as a multitude of other (more conventionally attractive) decorative pieces.


2 thoughts on “A Little, Black, Button-Eyed Cat

  1. Keeping with the haunted toy theme, one has no idea what evils may have been stitched into the button-eyed cat! Better hope the stitches hold!
    Carrie D.

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